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app and web development support

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app and web development support

we are hiring.

clickahoy connects your boat to your smartphone.

You have probably heard of the famous Tesla app that lets you summon your vehicle with the press of a button and shows all about your car 24/7. Nothing comparable exists for boats, yet many owners complain about not knowing the status of their boat and losing time with battery swaps and refueling when they want to go onto the lake instead. We're going to change that!

Currently, we are looking for someone to support us in the area of app and web development.

You should be familiar with JavaScript/HTML5/CSS (including React and React Native), Python (Django), as well as PostgreSQL (or any other SQL database). If you know something about IoT (Arduino, Raspberry, C++) that's an even bigger plus!

It is up to you to decide whether you want to work with us in our co-working (8002 Zurich) or from home*.

We would be very happy to get to know and discuss terms with you! And you'll get a chance to go boating on the lake of Zurich with us for sure!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact crew@clickahoy.com

*Due to the corona virus, the introduction as well as the beginning will take place via video application.




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