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Automation Test Technician

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Automation Test Technician

Q Analysts is seeking a Lab Technician to join our Client's Core Technologies team. Our Client's team applies a range of software, computer vision and robotics techniques to build systems and tools that enable accurate quality evaluation and regression testing of tracking systems and algorithms.

You will be responsible for operating and maintaining robotic measurement and motion capture systems. You will use these tools to capture high quality datasets. Collaborating with engineers and research scientist, you will learn and execute techniques for evaluating prototype VR systems, processing test data and documenting results.


Setup VR devices and ensure correct configuration, operation

Execute specific step-by-step procedures in a VR headset

Record results in spreadsheet format

Execute specific step-by-step initialization of test fixtures and motion capture systems

Organize and upload datasets to file servers

(optional) Organize, pack, transport, unpack, setup and operate portable measurement systems


Extreme attention to detail, organization

Comfortable with productivity software (Word, Excel, Email)

Familiar with executing simple scripts, data transfer on Linux devices

Comfortable with DMM, hand tools, simple debug of battery-powered devices

(optional) Familiar with operating motion capture systems or industrial robots



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