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Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Intial Training (Jobsharing)

Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Intial Training (Jobsharing)
An Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training manages and organizes the relevant training content according to current training plans, methodical and pedagogical skyguide training center guidelines.

As Classroom Instructor in Initial Training he/she is responsible for one or more theory subjects as a Subject Matter Expert/Specialist. This includes the development and design, preparation and delivery of the material needed for the dedicated subjects/topics.

As a Simulation Instructor he/she is responsible for the coaching of students/trainees/clients during simulation exercises according the simulation roster planning of the corresponding Head Course Instructor.
Further main competencies:

- Customer service orientation

- Excellent communication skills

- Team player

- High sense of responsibility

- Open to new learning technologies and methods

- Current or former licensed Air Traffic Controller validated in at least one but if possible in different Ratings (TWR, APS, APP, ACC).


- Holder of an On-the-Job-Training (OJTI) license endorsement

- Minimum 10 Years proven work experience as an Air Traffic Controller

- Minimum 2 Years experience as OJTI

- Hand-on experience with Microsoft Office

- Proven time-management abilities with the ability to prioritize tasks and multiple work assignments


- Holder of Classroom Instructor certificate

- Holder of an Assessor endorsement
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