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Marketing Assistant

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Marketing Assistant

Who are we?

Nanos platform is an online platform that makes placing paid advertisements a straightforward process accessible to any small & micro business around the world. We are a privately owned Swiss startup based in Zurich - a dynamic fast-growing team of software engineers, UX designers, business experts and machine learning developers.

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for world-class social media growth specialists who also has experience with web development/design, graphics design, 3D modelling and content creation.

We are interested in individuals with broad knowledge and experience in developing and continuously improving social media content and underlaying IT infrastructure. You would collaborate with existing team members with expertise in marketing.

What will you do if you join us?

Improve Nanos content marketing strategy so that our product achieves best possible online presence. Produce high quality content and underlaying IT infrastructure.


What skills do we expect you to have?

BSc in computer science, informatics, marketing, or economics

Expertise in SEO optimization, e-mail marketing, growth hacking, and other related fields

Deep understanding of PPC platforms

High proficiency in video editing (Sony Vegas, etc.)

High proficiency in image editing software (Gimp/Photoshop/etc.)

Experience in 3D modelling

Proficiency in Javascript, HTML, CSS

Programming knowledge

Experience with unix machines



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