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Online Community Growth Manager

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Online Community Growth Manager

This is your chance to join an exciting new startup as we prepare for growth!

Common Ground is the only professional online platform tailored to academics with STEM qualifications looking for a rewarding career in the private sector.

We create rich multimedia content to showcase the best of what our customer companies have to offer in terms of culture and job opportunities and help them appeal to top candidates in areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, VR and IOT.


We are looking for an enthusiastic new recruit to join our team to support us in achieving rapid community growth over the coming months and years.

Our business relies on engaging a community of the smartest academics (think PhDs and Post-Docs) from around the world as they look to make the leap from academia to private sector work. We are looking for someone with bright ideas and a thirst for trying new things to help us capture the imagination of these people and drive them to our platform using a variety of digital and real world tactics.

This is not an online role only!


- Develop our strategy for community engagement and increased web traffic flow.

- Establish relationships with University faculties and careers services to promote the platform

- Attend student fairs and conferences

- Work with teaching staff to help their student body find work after study

- Build a community of on-campus brand ambassadors

- Identify and engage with online communities of students

- Develop appropriate sales and marketing materials to appeal to partner universities and groups

- Engage with the community to establish sentiment for the platform and content preferences to inform our creative team

- Build and exemplify the brand voice and tone in all community interactions, considering factors like platforms, channels, influencers, partners and more


- Be Vivacious - we love energy and people with outgoing personalities. In a role like this, it goes a long way.

- Smarts - nothing is easy. We are looking for people with novel ideas and a willingness to test them.

- Data is king - we don’t want to hear why you think something didn’t work, we want you to prove it and tell us why your next idea will be different.

- Tenacious-V (that’s Versatility) - Try, try and try again. 

- Diversity - Everyone says it, we mean it. As we build this company we encourage variety in all its forms. Tell us what makes you special.

- Last but not least - Enthusiasm. No one wants un-enthusiastic people, but in a startup it is mandatory.


- 1-2 Years relevant work experience in growing a community presence online / community management / social media interaction / forum management and moderation with a consistent track record of success.

- OR - 

if you’re just starting out, but you think you’re the future of community growth and you can clearly articulate why and how, we’ll hear you out so get in touch.

- Bachelor degree in communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, media studies, business, and/or related fields or equivalent practical experience.

- Event management.

- Sales experience. Not being afraid to pick up the phone and speak with people is critical to this role.

- Strong written, editorial and verbal communication skills, attention to detail and ability to lead multiple projects and tasks.

- Ability to work remotely as a team using online tools.


To enhance salaries, we offer equity options for committed associates.

Our team is currently spread around the world and is made up of self-motivated entrepreneurial types who understand the importance of good communication, so working from home is fine by us.

Transparency and Personality are our guiding principles, if you have both and all of the above excites you, we’d love to hear from you. 



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