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PhD Student

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Kantonsspital Baden AG
Our platelet research group is located within the Center of Molecular Cardiology (CMC) of University of Zürich at the Wagi-Campus in Schlieren/ZH and our research is supported by the Swiss National Foundation of Science and the Swiss Heart Foundation. Our Platelet Research group is looking for a
PhD Student

PhD Student

Your tasks

  • You will work on research topics including the structure and function of platelets, their receptors, esp. GPIbalpha, the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on platelets and vascular–aging, endothelial cells, coagulation, inflammation and the interactions with the microbiome.
  • Techniques: Flow imaging, cardiovascular outcome models of stroke and of myocardial infarction; basic platelet structure and function diagnostics, single cell omics, transcriptome evaluation.
  • Insights into translational research in national cohorts of thromboembolism and of atrial fibrillation.

Your qualifications

  • Experience in experimental hematology, cardiology and stroke- models is desirable (but not conditional).
  • Communication- and collaborative skills are essential.
  • Integrative personality and team player is mandatory.

Das KSB bietet Ihnen mehr als einen spannenden Arbeitsplatz bei guten Arbeitsbedingungen.

Sarah Martens
HR Recruiter
+41 56 486 12 28

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