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Senior DevOps Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer

We won't have traditional titles and we don’t believe in titles. However, we had to pick a title for our job post. Whether you call yourself a DevOps engineer, DevOps specialist, Site Reliability Engineer or SRE Wizard, you are welcome to apply for this position and define your own fancy title when you join us :-)

About Rivero

Rivero is a startup, founded in December 2018, on a mission to enable banks and financial institutions to automate complex processes in the simplest and most efficient way. In this way, banks can focus their attention on delighting their customers with streamlined digital interfaces. If you want to put a label on it, we probably fall into both the #FinTech and the #RegTech domain.

We, the three founders, have spent the last few months getting things started with regards to business development, partnerships and angel investment. Now it’s time to grow our engineering team and that’s where you might come in!

Before you read any further, we need to do a quick test to see if our values and principles match. At Rivero, we care a lot about culture, happiness, harmony and communication among us and if this is not something that you care about, you can stop reading now.

func (candidate *Person) IsCompatible() bool {

return !(candidate.isAfraidOfChallenges ||

candidate.isOverconfident ||

candidate.isAfraidOfOwnership ||

!candidate.isProblemSolver ||

!candidate.hasPersonalMissionStatement ||



What is it like to work at Rivero?

We work in product-based, small and interdisciplinary teams. We are ambitious and excited about our mission. We know that there are many interesting challenges ahead, but we are excited and force ourselves to do difficult things because only then can we learn and grow.

We are wary about being overconfident and our blind spots. We get engaged with our customers on an emotional level. We listen to them with empathy and intelligence to truly understand and address their problems and their viewpoints. 

We are radically transparent in communication with each other and at the same time open-minded to questions, informed comments and grounded disagreements.

We believe it is OK to make mistakes but unacceptable not to identify, analyze, and learn from them.

Sounds exciting to you? Do you have such characteristic traits? You wanna be part of our team? Then continue reading...

Do you have the right stuff?

You’re a good match for our DevOps team if you can identify with the following:

  • Having operated a reasonably large infrastructure, where reliability and availability are essential to the business
  • Ideally having witnessed some big systems fail (even better if it was your fault)
  • Ideally having written some code or adapted the tooling when nothing was available off-the-shelf

Some concepts and methodologies you should feel comfortable with:

  • Cloud-native 
  • Network Engineering (VPC, Cloud Load Balancing)
  • Distributed Systems (on the infrastructure level)
  • CI/CD & Containerisation
  • Infrastructure as code (including GitOps)
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Security & Privacy by Design
  • TLS, Encryption at rest & Key Management

Being in an early stage of our journey, our technology stack is not fully defined yet. In fact we want your help in finding the right tech and to evolve over time. However the following list should give you a good idea where we are currently heading:

  • Cloud & Cloud Ops: Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, Ansible
  • Container & Cluster Mgmt.: Docker & Kubernetes
  • OS: CentOS, Debian
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Languages: Golang, Java/Scala, bash
  • Frameworks: Kubernetes operator, molecule, testinfra, Google Cloud SDK
  • APIs: Kubernetes Ingress, service mesh (e.g. Istio)
  • Streaming: Kafka, Flink
  • Object Store: HDFS, Google Object Store, ...
  • CI/CD: Git, Jenkins/Jenkins X, GCP Pipelines

The little things that matter 

We know that job perks are a typical way of attracting and keeping employees. However, at Rivero, we do not want to attract employees just by offering free coffees or some fancy perks like fitness subscriptions. However, being a startup we cannot afford expensive perks that you might get when working at a corporate ;-) But let’s face it, if you’ve read this far, you probably don’t want to work for a corporate, right? Don’t worry though, we do provide coffee and make sure you are caffeinated throughout the day. So, keep reading….

We definitely strive to keep our employees happy by creating a pleasant working environment and below are a few things that we are currently doing for Riveroos. But, like everything else, our perk list is also dynamic and changes and evolve over time as we grow.

  • Stock Options - Obviously we share the pie together. We are in this together and Rivero success would be your success and the other way around.
  • Ability to learn and grow - No, this is not just a marketing term. We really mean it. We think about how we can enable Riveroos to become better every day. This is the main mission of the Rivero Academy. Never worked in finance and payments? No problem, we’ll turn you into a payment expert in no time. But not only learning new skills or knowledge for your job but also on a personal level. Just to mention a few: How to be more productive? How to form a new good habit?
  • Device and tools neutrality - Whether you are a Mac or Windows fanatic, you can work with whatever devices and tools that make you happier and ultimately more productive.
  • No formal dress code - We also think that “you can be serious without a suit”.
  • Friday happy hours - After a week of hard work, we enjoy getting together, listen to a short talk on an interesting new topic (can be anything from tech to art), drinking beer and chilling.


Then, simply send us a few lines about yourself, why you would like to join Rivero and your CV to work@rivero.tech.



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