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Senior Frontend Engineer React - Digital Banking

100% 12.02.2019
Senior Frontend Engineer React - Digital Banking
Are you ready to help our motivated team developing innovative banking software for our clients? We offer a very interesting Senior Frontend Developer position with the possibility to grow into a Team Lead position.
We want you!!!

For the support of our motivated and succesful team in Zurich we are seeking an independent and technically strong candidate.
Are you a dedicated Frontend Developer?

So, you started learning Frontend Development in the beginning... trying to understand vanillaJS (JS as a standard), CSS and HTML, then moved on with ES6/7 JS. Someday you discovered the new age frameworks (React, Vue,...) and you have been learning and thought that React as a library is nothing more than

  • some lifecycles to understand,
  • JSX templating,
  • Props and State.

... and that was mostly it... But then it started to get interesting with different patterns like Render Props, HoC, functional programming... Putting in the mix React Router, Redux with different middlewares like Thunk, Saga, Observables.... You thought about immutability problems, unit testing with Jest and Enzyme, handling translations with Polyglot.

And when you finally got all of this, you needed to start thinking how you can put this together... And here came Babel and Webpack in place... And of course before all of these, you needed to make sure about coding standards and that everyone is coding in the same way with Linters, EditorConfig, Formatters...

Then, once you thought you have all of the above under your belt, you thought you have it all and that was it, but you could not be more wrong. You need to constantly follow the community and be in line with the new and upcoming solutions. For example, a few weeks ago, a new "Reach Router" for React was announced, which seems quite good and a valid alternative to React Router. All of the above libraries and bundlers are evolving day by day and you still keep track on what's happening so that you won't be left behind...

Congratulations! That's exactly why we want you in our team.
Congratulations! That's exactly why we want you in our team.
Have you ever thought about what makes you laugh? Humorous friends, delicious food or even challenging tasks? We at CREALOGIX laugh a lot - be it with one or the other joke, while working together on tricky tasks and achieving projects.

We work in a dynamic and demanding environment with many challenges that we need to master. If you do not lose your laugh in this environment and if you bring persistence and stamina, you can expect self-responsibility, varied tasks, as well as an open culture, a casual dress code, flexibility with the possibility to work part-time, German and English lessons and much more.

At our location in Zurich, Altstetten we start the day with delicious bread rolls, fruit and fresh coffee. As from the end of 2020, "Greencity" will be our new home. We have a say in how our brand-new offices, meeting rooms and lounges will look like. "Greencity" offers a perfect location for having breaks outside with fresh air.

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