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Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

At Eaternity, you will have the opportunity to be part of the solution to climate change while building your career in software engineering. As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll have a leadership role in the IT team — that means you’ll be helping to build Eaternity's features end-to-end — but your primary project will be optimizing the design and architecture of the core calculation module. We are especially looking for someone who has general enough skills to be able to integrate new modules into an existing IT stack and also is good at working with complex relational data.

We are looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer, including at least some professional experience in Python. Professional experience in JavaScript and Java would also be beneficial.

The craftsmanship of product development is deep in Eaternity’s soul. We work hard to maintain a codebase and a culture that are a joy to work in.




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