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Support Engineer

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Support Engineer

SonarSource builds world-class products for Code Quality and Security. Our open-source and commercial code analyzers - SonarLint, SonarCloud, SonarQube - support 27 programming languages, empowering dev teams of all sizes to solve coding issues within their existing workflows. With over 6,000 customers and a Community Edition trusted by more than 200,000 organizations globally, SonarSource products are a de-facto standard for teams and organizations to deliver better, safer software.

To sustain the growth of our customer portfolio and to extend our services offering, we are looking for new Support Engineers. On top of joining a fast-growing and innovative company, you will have the opportunity to assist our customers around the world in deploying/using our solutions and adopting software engineering best-practices as a whole.

The impact you can have

As a Support engineer, you will contribute to SonarSource products adoption and integration. You will provide an individualized level of service to our customers. You will guide them in finding the right implementation and advocate the best way to use our products. You will also investigate and solve customer issues in a timely manner. 

In SonarSource, you will represent customer voice in product discussions.

On a daily basis, you will
  • Help customers integrate our solutions across their development pipeline. It means helping the technical integration with developer IDE, ALMs, and Continuous Integration chain; the integration to software lifecycle (SCM, build, test), and the integration to existing business applications (authentication, database, etc.)
  • Drive technical issues to resolution: from the qualification of customer concerns to conducting an in-depth technical investigation managing customer relationship all along the way
  • Collaborate with Sales and Consultants to improve overall customer experience and make sure that our Service offering brings maximum value to our customers
  • Work with the rest of the team to listen, challenge and refine customers feedback to feed discussions with products teams and shape product evolutions
  • Have a voice in enhancing the way we work
The skills you will demonstrate
  • Software engineering best practices, with at least 3-5 years of experience in maintaining and delivering high-quality software
  • 2+ years experience using or administrating a DevOps pipeline: SCM (e.g. Git, SVN), IDE (e.g. Visual Studio, IntelliJ), CI (e.g. Jenkins Pipelines, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, GitLab). More than acronyms, these are the tools that our customers use and that our products integrate with.
  • Experience with system-wide deployments. Because sometimes an issue is not caused by the application itself, but by the network, the underlying server, the database, or else
  • Investigation skills to understand problems in their context and the ability to reproduce these scenarios
  • Team player, receiving and giving feedback as well as sharing knowledge
  • Can-do attitude: challenging status-quo, leading and contributing to key improvements and innovations
Office location

 SonarSource is a company with offices in Geneva (Switzerland) and Annecy (France). The role can be based in either office. 

Words from the team

We are today a squad of 10 people coming from 5 different countries. We take any opportunity to learn from each other and grow our expertise. We provide support via a support portal that sustains the collaboration and provides the isolation required for advanced investigations.

The variety of customers makes each investigation a unique opportunity to learn about code quality, security, and DevOps.

At SonarSource, our team is considered as a group of product experts who are spreading SonarSource guidelines for code quality and security outside of the company. This balanced relationship with the other teams helps to have fruitful internal collaboration.

Feel ready to join the team? Apply and we will soon get in touch with you.

SonarSource Services team.

Why you will love it here
  • Safe work culture
    We value respect, kindness, and the right to fail.
  • Flexible hours
    We schedule our days in order to be effective at work, while also being able to enjoy life’s important moments.
  • Great people
    We value people skills as much as technical skills and strive to keep things friendly and laid back. Still, that does not prevent us to be passionate and leaders in our domains. Our 100+ SonarSourcers from 20 different nationalities can relate!
  • Work-life balance
    Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important. Which is why some people prefer working some days work from home.
  • Always keep learning
    In an ever-changing industry, learning new skills is a must, and we're happy to help our team to acquire them.
What we do

SonarSource was started by a team of developers that wanted to change the way code is built in an agile development process. The company was created to develop the open-source tool SonarQube, which is now the standard in code quality management with over 190,000 instances deployed today. Every day we are focused on solving developers’ next big problem.

Who we are

At SonarSource we believe in people, excellence, and delivery. We’re a team of problem solvers and overachievers who seek out others who are also passionate and relentless in their respective missions. We want to work with people who are ready to fasten their seat belts and be part of an incredible ride. We work hard not because we’re told to, but because we genuinely love what we do and do what we love. If there’s one main message we want you to remember about us, it’s that we push others to be best in class at whatever they do: choose your battle, innovate, take risks, and lead change. Join us; we’ll be smarter and stronger together.


PO Box 765 1215 Geneva 15

Website http://www.sonarsource.com



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