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Technical Recruiter - Talent Sourcing Expert

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Technical Recruiter - Talent Sourcing Expert
Currently we are growing Jobprofile sourcing services and we are looking for new talented team members to join our
Talent Pool of Technical Recruiters - Talent Sourcing Expert.

A little about us. We love our job and, respect and appreciate one another. We take time to understand each other and
with our diverse backgrounds, we have enjoyable working relationships. We are deeply committed to help connecting
employers and job seekers. Most importantwe love this company! The cherry on the cake is the location of the office
with its unforgettable lake view.

We are looking for self-motivated talents, self-starters who have a high degree of independence, value continuous
learning, have a superior work ethic, are technically savvy, and have the ability to work without distractions remotely.

We are looking specifically for team members who are highly self-conscious about how to manage time and meet
deadlines, with a natural inclination toward working closely with a team.

Our companys structure is very team-oriented, so we look for people who are interested in that sense of connection &
collaboration, remotely and in person.

We are looking for talents that place high value to the get it done attitude: willing to roll up her/his sleeves and
get her/his hands dirty to accomplish a task/goal. We look for people who are proactive and curious in their approach
to their lives and their work.

We want someone who is passionate about what we do and as a result, will be able to communicate it to our customers
(individuals and companies).

Technical Recruiter - Talent Sourcing Expert responsibilities include sourcing, screening and providing a shortlist of
qualified candidates for various technical roles. You will network online and offline with potential candidates to
promote our employer brand, reduce our time-to-hire and ensure we attract the best professionals. Ultimately, you will
build a strong tech talent pipeline and help hire and retain skilled employees for our management, marketing, supply
chain, financial, product, technology, ICT, digital, engineering, positions.

- As a Technical Recruiter - Talent Sourcing Expert, you will cooperate with Jobprofile Career consultant & Business
development Manager to align and meet clients companys goals by applying creativity and innovation to uncovering the
best talent to join our clients companys team, project, etc.
- In order to perform successfully, you need to be an excellent communicator who is persuasive and has great
interpersonal skills, highly analytical, and detail-oriented team player juggling many tasks at once.
- As a Talent Sourcing Specialist, you will be a part of a Boutique Human Resources company. We propose teamwork,
collaboration, and knowledge sharing as our fundamental ways of working here.
- Source candidates through online channels (job boards, internal databases, forums, local social platforms) and
professional networks.
- Assist our client companies in the recruitment and selection process including posting jobs, screening resumes and
interview support.
- Build networks to find qualified passive candidates and coordinate influential candidate relationships during the
selection process.
- Develop a pool of qualified candidates, developing new channels of sourcing for our various clients companies.


- 2+ years experience as a Technical Recruiter - Talent Sourcing Expert in agencies in-house or similar role will be
an asset.
- Must have strong communication skills in both written and oral English C2 & French C2 language.
- Good at using job boards, professional, social-networking sites for sourcing, online Social Media knowledge is a
- Good time-management skills with the ability to handle various open positions simultaneously under different time
- Source potential candidates on niche platforms, like Stack Overflow and Github. Must have outstanding boolean skills
- Perform pre-screening calls to analyze applicants abilities.
- Craft and send personalized recruiting emails with current job openings to passive candidates.
- Participate in tech conferences and meetups to network with IT professionals.
- Keep up-to-date with new technological trends and products.
- Ability to prospect utilizing multiple sources.
- Cold call experience is a plus.
- Previous start-up experience preferred; if no start-up experience, then at a minimum must have worked at tech


There is an opportunity to grow in this position. Don't make the mistake and miss out on this opportunity.

Lausanne / Vaud / Suisse romande / Romandie

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