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Web Developer

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Web Developer

We are Ledgy, a 16-month-old SaaS startup from Zurich, looking for a Web Engineer to grow our developer team.

Ledgy is a SaaS tool to manage the equity of private companies. This helps to democratize ownership in startups by assisting founders to grant equity to their employees. We’re also working on a first concept to bring shares of startups on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our customers are successful companies from Switzerland and other European countries, like VIU, Farmy, or the Crypto Finance AG.

As a full-time Web Engineer at Ledgy you can:
? Be the first to use React Hooks in a production app
? Build a modern API on GraphQL
? Learn to type a large project in TypeScript
? Push the limits of a full-stack Node.js web framework
? Become a master of functional programming in JavaScript
? Design a scalable & secure software architecture that handles confidential data of thousands of companies
? Give talks on international conferences about any of the above topics

We are a young team that graduated from ETH in 2017. All of our product is developed in-house, by us. We are inspired by the startup scene and hacker spirit in Silicon Valley and want to bring this vibe to Switzerland (we have once been invited to Y Combinator for an interview.) Our advisors have founded Doodle, Wuala and other successful companies and our investors are selected as the digital shapers of Switzerland by the Bilanz magazine.

Want to learn more?

We have developed an open source two-factor authentication, a modern landing page with GatsbyJS, a blockchain notary, and have a cool demo that impresses even senior web developers.

Need some challenge?

Solve our Coding Challenge and learn more about liquidation preferences in startups. 

Sounds interesting?

Send your application to Ben: work@ledgy.com.



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