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Airworthiness Engineer

Kopter Group AG

Wetzikon ZH
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Kopter Group AG

Part of Leonardo (through its Helicopter division), Kopter is set to become a Centre of Excellence for new light helicopters and an incubator of new technologies; also contributing to the development of new hybrid and electrical propulsion systems. The single-engine, turbine-powered AW09 now under development will outperform its peers with increased modularity, modern electronic systems, and a larger cabin and cargo hold. The AW09 delivers latest safety standards, more performance and comfort at low operating costs. Kopter’s 320 talented team members are primarily based near Zurich, Switzerland – with corporate/engineering offices at Wetzikon, and the production facilities in the towns of Mollis and Näfels.

Airworthiness Engineer

The Airworthiness Engineer is responsible to:

– Manage and track certification plans for initial type design and post-type certification activities as well as the documents shared with the authorities
– Manage and track the flight safety statements for experimental activities
– Work closely with the chief engineers, CVE`s, the certification coordinator and project management to ensure a transversal coordination and work-share with responsibility for delivery to time and quality
– Verify the consistency and integration of the required airworthiness certification documentation and activities: certification programme, certification plans (DCPs, CCLs), compliance documents and CRI & CAI, in accordance with the DOH
– Support the DO in all matters of airworthiness and approval as well as development and maintenance of the DAS
– Prepare change classification assessment form (minor/major changes)
– Check the CM requirements are implemented and the corresponding substantiation documentation is revised (change to type design)
– Follow the evolution of authority developments relating to EASA and FAA product airworthiness and operations
– Check and assess the airworthiness standards of the different authorities worldwide, with consideration of type validation
– Assist on the development of mandatory SB in the case of unsafe conditions
– Support in the establishment of procedures and processes to monitor products in order to maintain continued airworthiness and safety
– Monitor the revisions of the manuals approved by the Agency (Aircraft Flight Manual, MMEL, and Airworthiness Limitation Section of the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness)
– Create and optimize the DO processes related to the domain and maintain QMS documents within the DAS

– Approval of airworthy activities within the framework of the DOA signatory authorizations, based upon demonstrated knowledge and competence

Your qualifications

– An engineering graduation degree or a proven record in comparable function
– A minimum professional experience of at least 5 years in the aviation industry, must have experience in Airworthiness (Your airworthiness experience must be in EASA Part 21J, B, D and P (or an equivalent from another State), the role is not aligned to experienced candidates in airworthiness relating to Maintenance or Production activity)
– Experience working within a DOA with knowledge of organisational structure and needs to satisfy EASA Part 21 product certification
– Practiced in the requirements and oversight of airworthiness leading to product certification and continued airworthiness
– Detailed knowledge of EASA Regulation including Basic Regulation, Part 21, CS-27, CS-E, associated AMCs, and understanding of Air Operations
– Experience in Part 21 Section A, Subpart A, B, D, J and P is essential 
– Knowledgeable of FAA operational and airworthiness requirements
– Experience in the development of aviation products and process for initial certification and change to product certification


Kopter Group AG
Herr Karine Bernier-Lapointe
HR Business Partner
Binzstrasse 31
8620 Wetzikon
+41 44 552 81 45

Wetzikon ZH / Näfels / CH-8620 Wetzikon / CH-8753 Mollis / Mollis

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