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Azure Cloud Engineer

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Do you want to protect our business by ensuring the integrity and security of our production platforms at all time? Do you want to develop new tools to solve existing problems in the production environment? Do you strongly believe in automation?

Azure Cloud Engineer

We're looking for a Cloud Site Reliability Engineer to deliver against the UBS Cloud Strategy with a strong MS bias.

• Be responsible for all aspects of application production support, deployment and monitoring, as well as the development of tools to support these activities
• Support mission critical applications and associated platforms, ensuring the highest levels of availability, security, performance and stability are maintained at all times
Design and build tools and solutions with a strong bias towards automating as many aspects of support as possible such that manual trivial support activity is reduced or eliminated
• Ensure new systems / services deployed can be integrated to existing monitoring and management tools so that the performance of the service and deviations from normal are easily anticipated and instrumented
Manage Cloud services that span storage, security, networking, and compute cloud capabilities
• To ensure production systems run reliably at all times, that availability, performance and business process SLAs are met or exceeded
Spend 50% of time on tickets and 50 % on improvements that deliver engineering solutions that improve instrumentation, ease of deployment, service orchestration and other aspects of production support - reduce the burden of manual work involved as systems and user volumes scale.
• Partner with service transition managers / development leads and architects to ensure designs of new applications meet expected standards in relation to Site reliability. Ensure non-functional production support requirements are considered early in the lifecycle of all new applications
• Manage Azure Portal Dashboard, Policies, Log Analytics, Azure DevOps, Resource Manager, Subscriptions, Graph API, Powershell/cli, Visual Studio Code, Python, JSON template Creation, DevOps and Infra as Code


We expect: 

• Exceptional development and engineering experience and the ability to apply that knowledge to solve the complex problem of running applications reliability at scale
Have a blend of skills including sysadmin, security, automation and the ability to code with a deep knowledge of Operating Systems and Application Source Code, Container Fabrics, Networking, Alerting and Monitoring
Deep knowledge of Azure Resource Manager, Monitor, Alerts, Security Centre, DevOps, RBAC
• Deep knowledge of application source code such as Java/C++/C#
• Deep understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle, and ready to take requests for infrastructure services, applications, and environments
• Design of solutions (Monitoring / process orchestration / capacity management / deployment) that not only scale but can potentially be leveraged by other parts of the organisation
• Hands on experience working in both Agile and DevOps development methodologies
• Confident in interacting with developers and deep diving into both Application and Infrastructure code
• Willingness to challenge the status quo and introduce new ideas that will remove or reduce manual effort in relation to operating large production systems at scale.

language: English


Excelian Luxoft Financial Services (Switzerland) AG
Frau Yvonne Hasenburg
Gubelstrasse 24
6300 Zug

Website http://www.luxoft.com

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