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CTO in online startup

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CTO in online startup

We are looking for a person who will be responsible for overseeing our software development processes and our online service. Requirements for your job include the following:

  • Capacity of inferring formal software specifications from informal descriptions.
  • Capacity of choosing software platforms, client-side mobile and web frameworks, server-side frameworks, web API standards and hosting solutions that are most suitable for our purposes.
  • Capacity of designing web APIs that are highly efficient in terms of network traffic.
  • Capacity of designing add-ons for real-estate management software such as IbaImmo. These add-ons will act as clients for some of our web APIs.
  • Capacity of managing outsourced software development teams.
  • Capacity of ensuring that our commercial online service runs smoothly.

We already have a working prototype of our online service. You will be able to build on that solid code base for a commercial version that will include some additional features and possible changes.

If you recognise yourself in this description, then simply drop us a line.

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