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Engineering Manager

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Engineering Manager

Ledgy’s mission is to democratize ownership in startups. We create transparency for all stakeholders of a company and bring scalability to important processes for founders such as managing their stockholders, preparing financing rounds, and granting equity to all their employees.

Our customers are successful European companies, like Wefox, Bitpanda, Gorillas, Trade Republic, and many more.

Since our incorporation in 2017, we’ve been listed every year among the TOP 100 Swiss startups and are ranked as the #1 ICT startup in Switzerland.

Ledgy’s $10m Series A round in September ’21 marked the entry of renowned Silicon Valley investor Sequoia Capital into the Swiss startup ecosystem—almost 50 years after its founding.

Our goal at Ledgy is to use this freshly acquired confidence (and capital) to build one of the greatest teams in Europe and boldly go to where no company has gone before ?????????

We are an international and diverse team of 33 people, 50% women, coming from 22 different countries and speaking 20 different languages.

We believe that startups are a main driver of positive change in the world and help create equal opportunities for everyone outside of corporate hierarchies. Humanity needs solutions for the current challenges, like climate change and the best source for this innovation are startups. We try to live by strong moral values and offer an example to other companies, while helping them be more successful with our product so they can drive the change forward.

We believe that equal opportunities for all social groups of society are necessary, and are committed to a culture where everyone feels welcome and respected. Psychological safety and a culture of modesty and openness is important to us.

We sincerely live and work by our beliefs so every hire for us is an important one. We’ve done a great job so far in building our team and our hope is that you will be able to join us.

As an Engineering Manager at Ledgy, you will learn and expand on your engineering knowledge and experiences to build a world-class team of diverse engineers that solves the difficult problems of our customers—making it as easy as possible for them to harness the power of equity.

At Ledgy, you will

  • Manage performance and growth of a team of hungry engineers with diverse backgrounds
  • Establish development practices to improve software quality and pace of development
  • Collaborate extensively with other engineers to build tools and systems that support our services and allow engineers to deliver high quality software.
  • Build plans for prioritizing technical and resourcing challenges in the engineering organization
  • Ensure team success by leading our onboarding and performance management processes
  • Maintain status, identify and resolve roadblocks, and communicate status both inside and outside your teams
  • Provide technical mentorship to our team as we balance between building sustainable, high-impact projects and shipping them quickly

The job is a good fit if you

  • Enjoy mentoring and helping engineers grow to achieve their career goals
  • Love finding the optimal solution given the resource constraints while keeping a reasonable balance between under- and over-engineering
  • Get excited by developing project plans to align your team’s work with the company's product strategy and plans
  • Are passionate and confident in leading and taking pride and ownership in the work you and your team do
  • Have a strong interest to hire, mentor, and develop career plans for engineers of all levels
  • Dream about aligning the whole team on meaningful development standards and coding practices

Being part of Ledgy means to

  • See “the whole journey” and be one of the first team members of a company that scales from Switzerland to be the major player in Europe and globally
  • Work with a passionate team with diverse interests such as the outdoors ??, meditation ??, and space exploration ??
  • Have a chance to get to get to know the startup world and it’s leaders inside and out
  • Have flexible working hours, be able to work remotely, and benefit from 25 days of vacation
  • Get stock options to become an owner of Ledgy yourself
  • Take part in company off-sites and in optional regular team activities

…all this to create a fun ?? and productive ??????? working environment where personal hobbies and projects have enough space as well.

Ledgy AG

8001 Zürich


Ledgy AG

Marthalen / Zürich / , 8001 Zürich / Fischenthal

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