Financial Advisors - Save your clients


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Financial Advisors - Save your clients
S-Gate is a Swiss company, founded by former consultants serving Swiss companiesWe offer professional services delivered by Qualified Resources in the fields of IT, Banking / Finance, Purchasing, HR and Tertiary
  • Recruitment and delegation on the basis of a professional network maintained for nearly 40 years.
  • Respectful search for Talents (we do not "hunt" the employees of our customers for example)
  • Any service in 'mission' mode (audit, interim, project, ...) at all levels (from Operating to CxO)
  • Salary port, Try & Hire, On-Demand, Punctual Expertise, ...
We work daily to make S-Gate the platform that seduces and brings together the best experts on the Swiss market



A partner of our's - a Swiss company wishing to preserve its anonymity at this stage - offers you its solution intended for
Financial Advisors
...who want to look after their clients independently and efficiently !




Should you wish:
  • Immediately start your own business
  • Delegate the tedious administrative tasks inevitably related to your business, so you can focus on serving and developing your clients
  • Join a very successful structure with an amazing track record over the last 20 years who will assure your complete independence
  • Keep your clients that your own Bank no longer wants




Our Swiss Partner proposal:
  • To join the power of a group managing CHF 18 bn
  • To bring together and to your advantage more than 220 independent managers in Switzerland
  • To offer 1st class comprehensive services
  • To facilitate your access to the new regulations and upcoming requests from the FINMA
  • To choose within a range of over 70 banks
  • To ensure your control over your clients, the clients belong to you
  • To start immediately so you can serve your clients today
  • To retain full "ownership" of your clients
  • To reduce the onboarding process paperwork to its minimum
  • To distribute the main share of revenues to you



We guarantee you the strictest confidentiality as well as the most absolute anonymity in the treatment of your inquiries and will not put you in open contact with our partner until having obtained your formal agreement.

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