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Freelance Frontend Engineer

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Freelance Frontend Engineer
As a PropTech startup, Archilyse is making architecture and building quality measurable, comparable, and understandable for everybody.
We offer holistic numerical architecture analyses as an easy to use software-as-a-service solution. Bridging architecture, mathematics, and machine learning Archilyse processes data into a variety of analytical results. Using API calls, professional users get feature-rich multi-dimensional representations of spatial scenarios which help to  optimise a multitude of processes in every step of the real estate life-cycle.
We built a unique application that is disrupting the whole real estate industry.
Our B2B service opens up business cases for real estate valuators, developers, portfolio holders, marketers, consultants, and planners.
We are an interdisciplinary, multi-national team of bright minded and curious people who enjoy working together towards clear, common goals.
One of our applications consists of a platform enabling office planners to automatically place workspaces, meeting rooms and public spaces in digital models of their uploaded properties.

Check out our webpage www.archilyse.com or our tutorial https://bit.ly/2Duuzde.

To meet the demand, we are looking for a dedicated
Freelance Frontend Engineer
to improve and maintain our product full- or part-time.

You will be working closely with our designers and back-end engineers. Your tasks can be accomplished fully remote with flexible working hours.


  • Experience with Angular, CSS, HTML, Git
  • Comfortable in linux-based systems and containerization (Docker)
  • Experience with graphics frameworks such as Three.js, 3D.js
  • Practice in clean code, TDD, pair programming, continuous integration and continuous delivery

You should:

  • be comfortable with working closely and independently with designers and backend engineers in a small, multi-national and agile team
  • be curious and motivated to learn new technologies and practices
  • have excellent communication and team skills

If this sounds like your calling contact us at career@archilyse.com.

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