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Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training


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Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training
Manage and organize the relevant training content according to current training plans, methodical and pedagogical skyguide training center guidelines and national/international rules and regulations

Responsible for the theory subjects including development and design, preparation and delivery of the material needed for the dedicated subjects/topics

Coaches students and clients during simulation exercises

Responsible for a dedicated course, discipline or class in basic or rating courses. This includes all course planning, roster planning of students and coaches, the course administration and the student qualifications

Monitor the student performance, issues change of training status

Participate as representative of the Training Center in international working and project groups
Current or former licensed Air Traffic Controller (TWR, APP, ACC)

Holder of Classroom Instructor certificate and On-the-Job-Training license endorsement

10 years work experience as an Air Traffic Controller and 2 years experiences as On-the-Job-Training/Instructor

Hand-on experience with Microsoft Office
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