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Safety Expert

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Safety Expert
Conduct safety activities according to the Safety Assessment Processes for changes within the Air Traffic Management System

Facilitate hazard identification and analysis workshops and develop the safety documentation required by the skyguide safety assessment framework and skyguides' process model

Provide the Team Leader Safety Assessments with clarification and/or justification related to decisions made during the safety assessment activities

Support the division by assisting the Safety Reporting & Investigation unit

Support the division Safety Risk Management and Performance by assisting in unit safety surveys

Establish a practical relationship with internal and external key stakeholders (Operations, Technical, Military and Regional groups and FOCA)
Engineering background ideally in Air Traffic Management industry or operational background ideally as Air Traffic Controller or similar in Air Traffic Management industry

A clear commitment to the primacy of safety in the conduct of skyguide operations

Experience in the safety domain (occurrence management and/or safety assessments)

Team player and flexible

Obvious problem solving skills, analytical and evaluative capabilities
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