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Senior DevOps Engineer (40 - 60%)

atfinity GmbH

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Are you ready to change how companies work with processes? 

atfinity developed a no code platform that enables our clients to digitize complex business processes in no time. Our specialized python rule engine extracts workflows directly from the business rules that a process has to follow. Around this, we have also built an intuitive react web application for users to follow processes and provide necessary data.

Enabling banks in Switzerland to comply with the complex regulations has been our starting point in 2016 - now we are scaling in other industries and countries. You will be the perfect addition to our team of Computer Scientists, and Business People.

What's your role?

Your goal is to keep both our SaaS and our on-premise setups stable, performant, secure and up-to-date. Therefore you

  • optimize performance of our existing infrastructure.
  • make sure our SaaS runs stable and performant.
  • keep our CI/CD systems running smoothly.
  • tweak our on-premise setups with better scripts and documentation.
  • provide support for both on-premise customers and the development team.

What we offer

  • You are part of a growing company, opening up the potential for long term contracts and personal growth
  • A modern infrastructure with lots of room to grow: your Should we start using Kubernetes? Have a load balancer in Docker Compose? Working with us means implementing state-of-the-art solutions.
  • An uncomplicated working environment where you are enabled to take action
  • Remote working and location independence
  • Flexible hours: We sync daily in a virtual standup, but you are free to choose the working mode that makes you most efficient.
  • A competitive salary
  • An engineering friendly setup: Access to Slack, PyCharm, Bitbucket, a modern CI/CD setup, already good test coverage - everything you need to work efficiently.