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Senior Software Engineer (80 - 100%)

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Hazu Technologies GmbH

Hazu Technologies GmbH is working on a next-generation internet platform for creating, organizing, and sharing information. As an established startup, we are already making life easier for thousands of users, mainly in the education and small business market in Switzerland.

Senior Software Engineer (80 - 100%)

Is solving tricky problems and getting to the essential point of complex data something that comes natural to you, and something you enjoy doing? Can you put yourself into someone else’s shoes when they tell you about their problems or when you explain something to them?

Do you like to have a big impact, both by setting an example and providing a direction, and building things yourself? Seeing the big picture while still caring about the small details?

Then we might be right for each other!

You would be part of a small team handling all the engineering for our product, which gives you the opportunity to work on all areas of the stack; from optimizing serverless functions to making sure that the web user interface is a pleasure to look at and use. Although there is always a lot to do, we are flexible with work times, and the team is fully remote. 

We try to conform to the spirit of agile, meaning that we use the processes that work for the people on the team, i.e., don't worry about having to use Jira or being forced into a scrum/waterfall rigid process. (When we write tickets, we are using our own product. Dogfooding is important to us, to make sure we build a product that we ourselves want to use.)

Since we're about the future of information, our platform is too. That means you won't have to support any flavor of Internet Explorer or keep an old monolith running. Instead, we need you to utilize web workers, fully serverless backends and infrastructure as code (just some examples) to bring the most performance out of the web platform, and to make sure we're only spending our time where it matters.

We're also lazy (as good programmers should be) and use DevOps tools and methods to make sure that boring, repetitive tasks are automated. From commit to deploy, everything is automatically tested, built, and deployed.

If you think that you might like to work with us, here's what we want from you:

  • You are a fast learner, and you enjoy learning and growing.
  • You are experienced and confident enough to be the one that less experienced colleagues turn to for advice and guidance.
  • You’re a good programmer, who can lead by example.
  • You have developed reasonably complex software, preferably for the web in a full-stack capacity using a modern framework.
  • You enjoy working in strongly typed languages, and understand the value of types. (We use Typescript for both front- and backend code.)
  • You have a good grasp of computer science fundamentals.
  • You are a generalist, with wide-ranging knowledge about internet technologies.
  • We also need you to be located in Switzerland and have a swiss work permit.

We look forward to receiving your application. Thanks!

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Hazu Technologies GmbH
Herr Peter Metzger
Seewjinenstrasse 6
3930 Visp

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