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Software Engineer: Augmented Reality for Human Bodies

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Software Engineer: Augmented Reality for Human Bodies

As a software engineer at Arbrea Labs, you will be working at the interface between research

and production code where a wide array of different tasks arise in this unique context. As one

of the key employees, you will have a strong influence on how our product will be shaped,

giving you, altogether with the team, the opportunity to grow into world leaders in AR/VR

technology. You will work with friendly, passionate and easy going team members, very willing

to offer guidance, and also have a beer (or two) after work or on regular team events. The

working environment is quite flexible, with offices in a Technology hub, and we offer employee

incentive plans.

Required Qualifications:

• Strong Bachelor/Master or PhD degree in engineering or scientific field, or equivalent

practical experience (work experience as a software engineer is a plus)

• Strong problem-solving skills and curiosity for novelty

• Willing to be part of a rapidly growing venture

Desired Skills:

• Strong experience in C++, preferably C++11 or later

• Experience in Computer Graphics (Geometry Processing, 3D Rendering, AR/VR etc.)

• Experience in Computer Vision (3D reconstruction, Tracking, Inverse Modeling etc.)

• Experience in App development (iOS, Android)

• Experience in Machine Learning (CNN-s, Regression etc.)

• Ability to prioritize and complete tasks, meeting deadlines

• Proficient in English (German/French is a plus)

• Experience with web technologies and databases is a strong plus

Location: Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich

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