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Software Engineer Motor Control

Yodea Recrutement

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Software Engineer Motor Control

This engineer will play a key role in a fast-moving team and participate in architecture design and implementation of BLDC sensorless motor control models. The engineer will work closely with the electronics team to design the embedded control software and to improve system-level behaviors.

Roles and Responsibilities:

- Sensorless control of permanent magnet high speed motors; including commutation, position and velocity estimation, fault detection, and efficiency optimization.

- Definition of motor parameters using simulation and characterization tools.

- Ensure control systems meet performance requirements through algorithm development and robust programming.

- Analyse data from simulations and measurements to improve motor performances.

- Tuning and calibration of complete systems on test bench.

- Unit-tests for build environment, functional test of sub-systems, integration tests, hardware, and software-in-the-loop testing.

- Design, verify and document software according to medical standards.

- Participate in the writing of risk analysis, specifications, and tests protocols related to the surgical use.

- Propose and implement solutions for robotic process automation in the company.


- Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering

- At least 5 years full time industry experience

- Good knowledge of sensorless BLDC motors control and modelling in Simulink

- Good knowledge of embedded C++ firmware development

- Knowledge of object-oriented and multi-threaded programming methodology

- Experience with medical standards (ISO 13485 / 14971 and IEC 62366 / 62304 / 60601)

- Experience with electronics debugging tools: oscilloscope, logic analyser, power analyser

- Exposure to other languages and frameworks such as: Python, R, Qt 5, embedded Linux

- Practice of the agile scrum framework

- French or German as mother tongue with good knowledge of English (a minimum of Upper Intermediate [B2] to Advanced [C1])

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