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Technical Sales Specialist - web and mobile development

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Technical Sales Specialist - web and mobile development

Apptitude is on its way to achieve its next growth objective. To contribute in achieving our goal we are looking for a Technical Sales Specialist - web and mobile development.

You have 3-5 years of sales experience (or more) in the web and mobile development industry in Switzerland.

You know how to search and quickly qualify prospect clients with good potential. You absolutely love sales and follow-up on sales opportunities throughout the entire sales cycle efficiently. You are an active listener and capable of formulating technically viable and business smart Value Propositions to the client. You understand your client's stakeholders landscape and how you can serve their interests best to obtain their support. You manage your sales pipeline efficiently and negotiate and close deals by engaging the necessary company resources to achieve your objectives.

In your current or previous position you were ideally selling IT services and/or tailor-made software to the swiss market. You blend perfectly in the swiss culture and its ecosystem and you understand its regional sensitivities.

As a sales person you have a strong technical background and you are a fast learner able to understand new technologies and processes quickly. You have experience in preparing and pitching technical solutions presentations. As a natural networker you enjoy participating in marketing and sales events and you like interacting with potential leads.

Besides acquiring new clients you know how to keep customers in a long term relationship and you are recognized for your capacity in making sure the customer is happy.

You understand the value of collaboration with the team and you excel in using Sales Force Automation tools to communicate and share information efficiently with your colleagues.

You are used to modern Management by Objectives and you are capable of analysing your sales pipeline to project and maximise your sales targets while ensuring you also attain your objectives related to your prospecting and preparation activities. You are used to weekly and monthly meetings where you are particularly efficient in communicating with the management.

You are well organized and able to travel frequently in Switzerland while retaining a sustainable work/life balance. You master the perfect mix between phone/email/video and personal meetings with clients.

You are perfectly fluent in french and in english and you work using both languages indifferently. You offer additional language skills (German or Swiss-German for example is highly desired). You have a valid driving licence and you are used to optimizing travel time and flexibility using the car and public transport.

If you feel you fit the job and the company culture we suggest you apply. We expect a convincing motivation letter (english or french).

To apply for this position please use this form: https://podio.com/webforms/24669390/1810110

La Rippe / Lausanne

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