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Technical Support / Migrations

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Technical Support / Migrations

Oh wow, you're actually real! You were so fast, I thought you were a robot!

Your team:

Within our Customer Success Team, there are two people responsible for support - you would be the third. Customer requests can be diverse: from a simple question to a complex technical problem. You never know what is coming up next. Around you, there are developers, customer success managers, salespeople, a security officer and many more people with whom you'll interact to solve these problems. The challenge is that customers expect a timely and competent solution for their problem, and we want to constantly exceed their expectations now, and in the future, too. While employee hours are generally very flexible at Frontify, , support must be ensured at all times (at least during office hours). Organize yourself in the team to ensure there's always someone ready to respond.

You'll do:

General customer support (via Intercom) | Develop the knowledge base and help articles | Transmit customer feedback to the Product Team | Automate typical support tasks | Manage data migrations for customers | Solve general technical issues | Set up custom domains | Set up SSO with customers | And much more

Here are some fancy skills you might/hopefully know about:

General technical know-how and affinity | Support experience | Data migrations | English (C2) | Software as a Service (SaaS) |

Project management

You are:

Self-motivated | Fast | Efficient | Empathetic | Calm when there is a storm | Always honest | Authentic | Independent | Curious | Approachable. This is not just a list of nice sounding words - we really mean it!

What the team says:

"Our customers are happy - most conversations are really pleasant and their feedback is usually positive." "I can work autonomously and do it the way I want." "Sometimes, you go to the office and everything turns out completely different than expected. Actually, that's every day." "I love the Frontify-family!"

Let's get to the good stuff already, right? We'll give you:

Impact, responsibility, and lots of flexibility | Generally happy customers | Being part of an adventure with inspiring colleagues that feel like family | The room to experiment and grow | Happiness in a cozy office among the mountains

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