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31 days online Publish your job ad for free on, ideal for easy to fill positions.
CHF 0 Excl. VAT
Visibility on:
Helpful application management tool
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31 days online Find the right candidates thanks to a prominent placement & better reach.
CHF 488 Excl. VAT
Visibility on:
Helpful application management tool
Email to job seekers
Google for jobs
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31 days online Expand your reach and hire experts with top placements on Swiss leading job portals.
CHF 890 Excl. VAT
Visibility on:
Helpful application management tool
Email to job seekers
Google for jobs
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As an SME, fill your vacancies quickly, easily and cost-effectively with JobScout24

Are you thinking of looking for suitable employees online? And as a small or medium-sized enterprise, you need the right partner to do it? Look no further.

Quickly find the right candidates

You can conveniently manage applicants online at JobScout24. You can handle all communication with applicants electronically and partially automatically via applicant management.

Advertise jobs online with just a few clicks

Today, job searches are mainly carried out on the Internet. JobScout24 registers over a million visits a month and sends over 35,000 job e-mails to candidates every day.

Why is my job offer published on a new platform? What's different for me?

Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible recruitment solutions. Therefore, we are continuously developing our platforms to ensure that your recruitment process runs smoothly. With the new platform, your job offers will continue to be published on and on our partner sites. The advantages of the new platform are: Easier publication of your job offers An application management system (ATS), which allows you to manage applications received

What is an application management system and what are its advantages?

An application management system (ATS) is a tool that recruiters can use to open and process applications. It allows them to communicate with candidates and to have a better overview of the applications received. The ATS we offer is free of charge and guarantees smooth processing of your applications.

Will job offers still be published on JobScout24?

Yes, the job offers will still be published on JobScout24. You will continue to benefit from the visibility and advantages of JobScout24 advertisements.

I am already a JobScout24 customer and have already published job offers. What will change for me?

If you are already a JobScout24 customer, you can continue to log in via the "Employer login" button to edit or publish your ads. However, we recommend that you switch to the new platform in order to benefit from its advantages.