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Emplois de Steward

Le steward sert les plats aux clients et prend en charge les clients. Il représente la qualité des services d'une entreprise. Il travaille dans les restaurants, les hôtels, les avions ou les bateaux. Un steward doit aimer rendre service, rechercher sans cesse la qualité et aimer le contact avec les clients. De bonnes notions en langues étrangères sont un atout. Sous pression, un steward doit garder une bonne vision d'ensemble. Les exigences varient selon ce que l'entreprise veut proposer à ses clients. Toutes les entreprises de service en Suisse emploient des stewards. Vous trouverez toutes les offres d'emploi de steward sur Jobscout24.

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Data Architect in Asset Management

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Data Architect in Asset Management

Data Architectin Asset Management

Location: Switzerland, Zürich

This position demands a strong Architectural background on Data Analysis and experience on End-to-End large Enterprise level Project Delivery and Business Development in Asset Management.

As a Data Architect, you are supposed to perform the following tasks:

Technical Competencies - Data Architecture and Data Analysis

  1. Data Warehouse (NoSQL) setup and ETL implementation using MarkLogic DataHub Framework using XQuery module, Optic API , Rest API, Reporting and Performance Optimization, RDF Triples.
  2. MarkLogic Data integration experience with other BI/Analytical tools like Spark/Scala, QlikSense, Microsoft Power BI, Apache Nifi etc.
  3. Proven Data Management experience using Markit EDM CADIS – Design Data Management Solutions and workflows using Markit EDM components.
  4. NoSQL based Entity Modelling – Migrating Relational Data Model to NOSQL Semantic Data Model, Data Delivery using API, Rest API, Custom XQuery modules etc.
  5. Data Analytics by using Big Data Platform using Hadoop, Integration of MarkLogic & Hadoop as Tiered Storage.
  6. Design Tactical Solution on Data Migration from Oracle and MS SQL Server to MarkLogic for large volume of data.
  7. Several years of experience in financial industry experience in Data Science using Cython/Python/R.

Business Data Analysis & Reporting :

  1. Blackrock Aladdin Asset Management Integration, BRS Aladdin Interfaces and Modules, experience on Aladdin Integration on ADX, Green Package and Accounting Packages End to End.
  2. Integrate - Trade & Order management, Client Reporting Platform, Hedging, Settlement, Transaction processing, Swift, Cash management, Portfolio & Fund Accounting, Portfolio Performance & Attribution, Portfolio Optimization.
  3. Design and Integrate Client reporting and Mandate Billing Framework considering Fee Structure, Swiss Stamp Tax, Commission, Discount, Performance Management etc. for various types of Mandates.
  4. Client Reporting & Integration by using BMPI vCAIRE System.
  5. Establish Master Data Management – Data Model, Work Flow, Data Steward, Data Lineage, Data Governance, Exception Management between Blackrock Aladdin and other Marketdata Providers.
  6. Integrate Market Data from Several data providers ex: FACTSET, Reuters, Bloomberg, VDPS etc.
  7. Asset Management Data Integration, Data Archival and Data Quality Management.

As a Data Architect, you work closely with the Business and IT Key Stakeholders to identify their needs and Design & Deliver the target solutions. In addition, close interaction with all the associated Upstream/Downstream systems to deliver the product End-to-End. Furthermore, you interact with Software Consultants– in house and with outsourcing partners.


  • It requires minimum 10+ years development and delivery expertise in handling ETL process both in RDBMS and NoSQL Databases, ETL tools, Master Data Management, Must be experienced with Blackrock Aladdin Asset Management Data Integration and very strong Business knowledge on Swiss Banking Asset Management division.
  • Must be experienced with - Trade & Order management, Client Reporting Techniques, Hedging, Settlement, Transaction processing, Swift, Cash Management, Portfolio & Fund Accounting, Portfolio Performance & Attribution, Portfolio Optimization.
  • Strong organisational and analytical skills with disciplined and structured approach
  • Excellent interpersonal andcommunicationskills
  • Experience of managing complex and demanding Clients
  • Experience in 3rd Party Vendor Implementations
  • Modeling skills (Business Processes and Data Modelling)
  • Degree in Information Systems or a related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills may be acquired


Cognizant Technology Solutions AG
Ms Noemi Fenyvesi
Recruitment Manager
XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/Noemi_Fenyvesi

Site web http://www.cognizant.ch

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