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Freelance Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training

Freelance Instructor for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training
Conducts Training events for internal and external customers

Responsible for the preparation and correct conduct of subjects/simulations

Manages and organizes the relevant training material according to current training plans, pedagogic principles(Training vision), and national and international rules and regulations
Current or former licensed Air Traffic Controller validated in at least one but if possible in different disciplines (TWR, APP, ACC)

Holder of Classroom Instructor certificate

Holder of an On-the-Job-Training (OJTI) license endorsement

Minimum 5 Years proven work experience as an Air Traffic Controller, minimum 2 Years experience as OJTI/Instructor

Hand-on experience with Microsoft Office 

Aerodrome Control Instrument Rating (ADI) (necessary)

Approach Surveillance Rating (APS) (necessary)
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