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Call for applications for a service contract

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Call for applications for a service contract

Awarding of a service contract

November 18, 2019

Call for applications for a service contract - Conceptualisation of the international Farm Workers Forum 2020, coordination of the preparation group, as well as development of accompanying studies and public relations work

The Association Rosa Luxemburg (the "client") intends to award a service contract with a call for competition for the activities mentioned in the attached service description. Please note the following dates:

End of the offer period:

14.12.2019 12:00 o'clock Central European Time

End of the award and binding period: 18.12.2019

Contract period:

01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020

Terms and conditions:
The contractual conditions of the client apply. The terms and conditions of the bidder are excluded. Negotiations are not allowed in this procurement procedure. Please send your offers digitally before the end of the offer period to eva.wuchold@rosalux.org. With kind regards
Eva Wuchold
Program Director Social Rights

1. Terms of reference and order conditions 2. Price sheet

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Attachment 1: Terms of reference and order conditions

Awarding of a service contract:
Conceptualisation of the international Farm Workers Forum 2020, coordination of the preparation group, as well as development of accompanying studies and public relations work

Thematic background

Farm workers are key actors in the food system. According to ILO statistics, every third worker in the world - around 1.1 billion people - is working in agriculture. Around 40 to 50 per cent of those workers are employed. Work in agriculture is characterized by systematic violations of basic human and labour rights, including little or no right to join or be represented by a trade union and poor occupational health and safety. Agriculture ranks alongside mining and construction as the industries with highest rates of accidents. The widespread use of migrant, temporary and seasonal workers is a key feature in agriculture. 71 per cent of all child labour takes place in agriculture. This means that 108 million children are working in the sector. Many children are occupied on small, family farms but one in five is hired in commercial agriculture.

Women are entering the agricultural workforce in increasing numbers and now make up about 40 per cent of the hired workforce. Many have seasonal or temporary jobs. The precarious nature of their employment often means the denial of maternity protection and other rights and are vulnerable to sexual harassment.

This denial of farm workers' rights is systematic and deliberate. It includes:

  • In some countries it is illegal for agricultural workers to form and join trade unions;
  • In others, agricultural workers are excluded from the protection of labour legislation or have lower standards of protection;
  • Lack of collective bargaining in agriculture;
  • Less than 20 per cent of agricultural workers have access to basic social protection;
  • Only 5 per cent have access to any kind of labour inspection system.

At the same time, farm workers are the ones who put the food on the table of people both in rural and urban areas worldwide. They should be at the centre of debates about food systems, sustainable land use, climate change and global justice. In many countries, farm workers unions have developed unique forms of organizing and of union culture, as they deal with completely different situations and dynamics than unions in urban sectors.

For these reasons, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF) have established a forum for an international exchange. The goal is to foster deliberation both among union representatives of farm workers and with other allies. A first Forum took place in South Africa in October 2018. It was organised by an international steering group. Link to the event: http://www.farmworkersforum.org/.

In 2020, the new Geneva office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, the Association Rosa Luxemburg intends to continue this global process. Hence, the Association will co-organise another forum together with IUF as well as in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung's offices in Argentina, Johannesburg and Brussels. The forum will take place in Uruguay in October 2020. Building up on the first forum in 2018 and its declaration, debates will focus on how to organize along global supply chains and how to use digital technologies.

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The project is initially planned until the end of December 2020. Depending on the results of the forum, an extension of several years is planned.

We intend to award a service contract for the conceptualisation of the international forum in 2020, for the coordination of the steering group and the partner work as well as development of accompanying studies and public relations work.

About Association Rosa Luxemburg

The Geneva office Association Rosa Luxemburg was founded in 2019 and will be further established throughout 2020. It will serve as the liaison office to the UN institutions in Geneva, but as well work thematically towards the issues of social rights and international labour work.

The Association Rosa Luxemburg is related to the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung e.V. in Berlin, Germany. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is one of the six major political foundations in the Federal Republic of Germany, tasked primarily with conducting political education both at home and abroad. The Stiftung's work adheres to the legacy of its namesake, German socialist leader Rosa Luxemburg, and seeks to represent democratic socialism with an unwavering internationalist focus. The Stiftung is committed to a radical perspective emphasizing public awareness, enlightenment and social critique. It stands in the tradition of the workers' and women's movements, as well as anti-fascism and anti-racism. Rosa- Luxemburg-Stiftung e.V. is a registered non-profit organization in Germany. The Stiftung is closely linked to Die Linke, the German Left Party.

The aim of the work of Association Rosa Luxemburg is to promote a critical analysis of society and foster networks of emancipatory political, social and cultural initiatives around Germany. Internationally, it will participate in cooperative development projects and advocate for a dialogue between the Global North and South conducted on equal footing. Like other political foundations, Association Rosa Luxemburg seeks to develop and expand the concept of political education by emphasizing a critical analysis of society as our central task, further underlined by our namesake.

Based on the firm belief that social change requires a reflective confrontation with today's capitalist society as a whole, the Association Rosa Luxemburg strives to develop alternative concepts and approaches for a comprehensive process of social transformation enabling the creation of a more united and just society. Education and training in democratic socialist politics, analysis, information and policy advice are therefore the Association Rosa Luxemburg's basic tasks.

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Development of a project concept.


Preparatory talks with the co-organiser as well as with the involved Stiftung's offices.


Coordination of the preparation group for the Forum and its work.


Content-wise preparation of the forum.


Preparation of necessary contracts.


Coordination of the event.


Development of accompanying studies and public relations work (including the website (http://www.farmworkersforum.org/).


Planning of eventual further activities in the project region.


Follow-up: Depending on requirements, for example, supporting research or planning and implementation of further events.


Preparation of a project report and a publication for the RLS website (scope report approx. 20 pages).

Contract scope and duration

Projected contract period: January 1 to December 31, 2020.

Planned process

- From January to December 2020: coordination of the work of the preparation group (approximately 1 day per month).

  • From January to August 2020: development and coordination of the preparation of the forum (approximately 2 days per month).
  • From January to April 2020: development of a first case study (approximately 10 workdays).
  • From April to September 2020: development of a second case study (approximately 10 workdays).
  • September 2020: coordination of the forum and connected activities (approximately 10 workdays).
  • From October to December 2020: Follow-up: evaluation of the activities carried out and writing of the project report (approximately 10 workdays).
  • From January to December 2020: public relations work (including the website
(http://www.farmworkersforum.org/) (approximately 10 workdays).

The estimated work scope for the entire period will therefore be 78 workdays. The concrete work plan will be updated on a monthly basis between the Program Director Social Rights and the contractor. If there are necessary deviations, they can be adjusted later.

Expected qualifications of the contractor

The Association Rosa Luxemburg expects the following qualifications:

- Several years of work experience in the context of farm workers' rights, supply chains, food sovereignty as well as possible discussions in the connected project regions (Latin America and Africa).

  • Experience in conducting workshops, conferences or networking events.
  • Knowledge in coordinating studies in the above mentioned context.
  • Knowledge of public relations work.
  • Knowledge of approaches in the above mentioned context of the political left.
  • Knowledge of the work of political foundations.
  • Fluency in English, knowledge of Spanish and German are an asset.

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Travel expenses of the contractor

The travel expenses are covered according to the internal guidelines of the client. This means that the client bears the travel and accommodation costs, regardless of the fee rate. Other costs such as expenses for telephone charges, use of public transport, etc. incurred in connection with the performance of the task will be reimbursed on presentation of appropriate receipts insofar as they are unavoidable and appropriate in the circumstances.


Applicants submit an offer specifying prices. For this purpose, the price sheet (Annex 2) must be used and submitted with the offer. Furthermore, we request a tabular CV, at least three qualified references, a signed self-declaration (Annex 3) and a short conceptual note (2 pages) showing which topics could be relevant, which network partners would be of interest and what the objective of the forum could be. The time availability during the contract period must be guaranteed.

If the applicants are subject to VAT, this must be communicated with the application together with the amount of the applicable VAT. The VAT is then paid in addition. If no communication is made, the price is the gross amount.

If you have any questions regarding the call for applications or your application, please send an e-mail to Eva Wuchold, Program Director Social Rights (eva.wuchold@rosalux.org).

Please send your written application (by e-mail) to Eva Wuchold, Program Director Social Rights (eva.wuchold@rosalux.org) by 14.12.2019 12:00 o'clock Central European Time. The receipt of applications will not be confirmed.

Award and contract process / time frame

Negotiations are not allowed in this procurement procedure.

  • Publication: 18.11.-14.12.2019
  • End of the offer period: 14.12.2019 12:00 o'clock Central European Time

  • Supplement / contract: 18.12.2019

  • Contract period: 01.01.-31.12.2020

Review summary

The following points are defined as evaluation criteria for the selection of the most economical offer:

Review criteria
B1 Price


(Inclusive price for all basic services according to terms of reference) B2 Performance


(concept note, work experience and expertise with regard to the advertised performance)

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Attachment 2: Price sheet

Service contract -
Conceptualisation of the international Farm Workers Forum, coordination of the preparation group, as well as development of accompanying studies and public relations work

Dear Madam or Sir,

We will offer you the execution of the services described in the tender documents at the prices we subsequently used. The application conditions and instructions in the invitation to submit the offer (cover letter) are taken into account. The offer contains all required information, explanations and proofs. In the case of incompleteness, the offer is categorically excluded from the evaluation by the client. If no price is noted in the corresponding place in the price sheet, this price will be counted as zero by the awarding authority. The prices serve for the comparison of prices of offers among each other.

Pos. Offer in accordance with the above mentioned terms of reference Amount in CHF (net amount)

1 Inclusive price for 78 workdays (implementation of the listed

activities in accordance with the terms of reference) 2 Daily rate (8 hours per workday)



The prices are fixed prices. The inclusive price contains all expenses of the contractor excluding travel expenses. Until the expiration of the award and binding period on 18.12.2019, we are bound by this offer.

Company name /-address (company stamp if available)

The incorrectness of the above information leads to the exclusion of the award procedure. An order placed can be terminated in the event of incorrectness without notice for cause of breach of ancillary contractual obligations.


If the signature is missing, the offer is considered not submitted and will not be taken into account in the evaluation!


Signatures (possibly. digital) Incomplete offers will be excluded from the award procedure!

  • ________________________________

  • (Name of the signatory in block capitals)

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