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10.04.2024 80% - 90% Festanstellung 40'000 - 50'000 CHF / Jahr
Regional Agent

We are looking for a new colleague for our Swiss operations. We are the world's leading supplier of audio devices for guided group tourism. On land tours with a tour guide or on river or ocean cruise ships for high level land excursions with local guides.

The task of the job is to operate the whole station (as we call it) in Baar on your own during the tourism season. You will receive your orders for your daily customer orders just out of the printer. You are required to produce ready to use bags with everything included according to the given instructions from the printer and provide them for courier pick up time. In some cases you might be delivering and picking up these bags if the customer tour is close by, a company car for that is provided. At the end of each tour you will be checking, cleaning, counting and confirming your work to a remote colleague who is taking care of the corresponding database work.

Work time can be handled flexibly, deliveries and pick ups can be as well on evenings or weekends! We all try to avoid that but it is possible and no tour must be missed.

Off season can be used for extended holidays!

We are very successful in our business because we never let our customers down and always strive for highest quality in all aspects.

Our requirement:


Desire to fulfil your tasks in the best possible way and according to given instructions

English language as we are an internationally operating company

To get an idea about what we do, please check out www.quietvox.com

Phone, office in Baar and MacBook are provided, company car for company duties is available

You will work alone in the office and on your own most of the time, communicatio via phone, skype, Zoom and e-Mail is daily requirement and keeps you in touch with your colleagues worldwide

Lättichstrasse 1a
6340 Baar

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