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Master's student shared with the laboratory of Pr.Matthias Lutolf

Nanolive SA

CH 1131 Tolochenaz

Nanolive has developed a disruptive technology that allows users to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it. Due to rapid global expansion we are looking to hire Master’s student shared with the laboratory of Pr. Matthias Lutolf.

Location: Lausanne and Tolochenaz

Start Date: July

Job Description:

We are looking for a motivated Master student in Life Sciences in order to investigate organoid growth on soft hydrogels in 3D using holotomography.

This 6 month long stage will be shared between the laboratory of Pr. Matthias Lutolf and Nanolive.

3D organoid culture can be used to recapitulate unperturbed biology in vitro, with robust physiological relevance. However the tools used to image such biological structures, such as fluorescence imaging, are far from neutral and induce a significant stress called phototoxicity that can perturb, alter and even kill cells. 3D organoid structures are particularly sensitive to such stress since acquiring signal along the z-dimension with common microscopy techniques requires scanning, eventually increasing the exposure of the sample to excitation light and thus the phototoxic stress that organoids experience. Mitigation strategies are well known, reducing excitation power and frequency of acquisition to the point where stress signs are not detectable. However these solutions come with profound implications, first and foremost, if stress signs are not detected anymore, observed dynamics are still likely perturbed and potentially wrong, then, reducing acquisition frequency prevents from observing swift phenomenon.

In this context, holotomography has a great potential for imaging 3D cellular structures thanks to its capacity to acquire full 3D volumes at once, great temporal resolution and lack of phototoxicity.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

  • Undergoing a Master in life sciences

  • Good level in English, French is a plus

  • Eager to work in a mixed academic/private environment

  • Knowledge in advanced 3D cell culture techniques is a great plus

About Nanolive:

Nanolive is a scale up company bringing a disruptive new technology in live cell imaging to the global market. As Nanolive grows there will be undoubted career development opportunities.  We look forward to speaking with anyone who shares our enthusiasm for 3D live cell imaging.