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Primary School Teacher

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26/05/2024 40% - 60% Permanent position


We aim to nurture love of learning, curiosity and self-awareness in our children by providing an environment that supports educational excellence with focused activities built around investigation, learning through play and social development.

We utilise a synergistic pedagogical approach rooted in traditional methods such as Montessori, story-telling, nature-based spiritual and sporting activities. We incorporate the research-based benefits of multilingualism, mindfulness, daily outdoor activities, and low teacher-student ratio limited to <1:7, to maximize neuro-development. All our pupils are certified as home-schoolers allowing them to follow child-centric learning.

Our facilities

We are located in the picturesque commune of Pully, south east Lausanne, a 5-minute walk from the lake. Our centre is equipped with full Montessori materials that emphasise hands-on learning, designed to stimulate the children’s natural interest. Our teachers are fully qualified native English and French speakers trained in Montessori and related child-centred teaching methods.

Our learning activities are not limited to the classroom. We take advantage of local parks, the lake, play areas, public facilities such as the excellent local pools, museums, wildlife excursions and the numerous walking and hiking trails.

We provide a large sister chalet at the foot of Verbier (Le Chable), to facilitate winter skiing and sledging activities, with qualified multi-lingual instructors. We provide a dedicated children’s martial arts instructor to foster agility and self-discipline.

Our programmes

We currently offer learning to children aged 4 to 8 years on a day placement basis. This involves learning activities which aim to establish within the child the intellectual, emotional and physical rigour needed to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker and creative problem solver. The activities are based around the five principles of Montessori:

1. Respect for the child

2. The absorbent mind

3. The sensitive periods of development

4. The prepared environment

5. Auto-education

The centre is a community-based space and is available to support the community with tuition for children aged 4 to 8 (expanding), home schooling support, language classes, spiritual, mindfulness and community based activities.

Primary School Teacher

Position :

Exciting opportunity for a teaching position in our community based learning centre. Our centre is looking to expand for its older pupils (6+ years).

Looking for an experienced, passionate teacher, disciplined in child observation, recognizing and adapting to the needs of the child, and creating an environment conducive to exploration and self-sufficiency. Ability to nurture the child’s innate concentration skills, leading them to self-directed development, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allowing them to follow their individual rhythms, while achieving academic excellence, with an ideal low teacher pupil ratio, never exceding 1:6. The older children (6-8 years) having already received a Montessori education (3-6), can continue to pursue inspiring and individualised learning opportunities, embracing but not limited to Montessori methods.


• Developing lesson plans, independent learning exercises, curricula, and methods that cater to the needs of the individual child, particularly for the older children aged 6+

• Observing, gently guiding and nourishing children. Encouraging social-emotional development by using positive discipline strategies

• Establishing rapport and building relationships with children and their parents based on trust and respect.

• Monitoring and assessing child progress and writing regular reports.

• Designing stimulating activities and accompanying children on outdoor trips.

• Development of extra-curricular activity programmes and mini-camps


• Bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching, education, or a related discipline.

• Minimum 5 years experience in teaching primary school children

• Experience in the Swiss school system.

• Passionate about alternative/self-directed child education.

• Ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, and treat children with love and respect.

• Excellent planning and organizational skills.

• A lifelong learner who can be a good role model for children.

• French and English language fluency (English mother tongue preferred)

We offer comfortable working conditions, an opportunity for a passionate creative teacher to truly exercise their profession, to teach and inspire children in a fully supportive environment .

Place of work

Avenue de Villardin 3

1009 Pully

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